Ruth Blandin

Finance Manager

My Story

I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home. I asked Jesus Christ into my heart as a young child at VBS but it became a real personal relationship while I was a teenager. My church had a very active youth group that included touring the Northeast singing and sharing the gospel. It gave me the opportunity to grow my faith with my peers and under the guidance of our loving youth leaders. My family suffered the tragic loss of my sister due to a motorcycle accident; she was 26 and I was 16. As sad as our loss was, it was a defining moment in my walk with Jesus. It obviously wasn’t a pleasant way to grow closer to God but through a lot of tears and prayer, I began to truly accept the sovereignty of God.  

I attended a New England Christian college where I continued to grow in my faith and deepen my relationship with people that encouraged and challenged me. I met my husband, Daren, there. We have three grown children and as parents our primary goal has been to teach them that Jesus loves them, wants to have a personal relationship and his plans for their lives is the best. (Ephesians 3:17-18)

 My degree in Business Administration which provided me with opportunities to develop my skills in the accounting field, which I truly enjoy. It is a blessing to use these gifts that God has given me to serve the people and the ministries of Grace Church.

My Hope for Grace

My hope for my Grace family is the same as for my children, to help them understand that Jesus loves them more than they could ever imagine, He desires a personal relationship with them and His plan for their life is better than anything this world can offer.