Marc Peña

Lead Pastor

My Story

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, I was a troubled young man. Growing up in a broken home left deep emotional wounds that cried out for relief. I turned to drugs to ease the inner turmoil and became an addict. In 1984, in response to a friend’s invitation, I attended a small charismatic Catholic prayer meeting where I heard the gospel for the first time. The Word and Spirit brought me to encounter God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ. I became a confessing Christian.

After several years of volunteer ministry, I discerned God calling me into vocational gospel ministry. I moved to Pasadena California and attended Fuller Theological Seminary where I earned Master's degrees in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. I have led in various ministry contexts including church planting, church development and organizational leadership. I am married to my awesome wife Mary and we rejoice over our children Christony, Aletheia and Marco.

I enjoy a good cup of coffee (black of course!) in the company of good friends or a good book. You are likely to find a copy of Athanasius’ Life of Antony right next to Arthur Clarke’s Tales from the White Hart on my night table. Mary and I like to hop in the car and drive with no particular destination in mind. The Peñas love to laugh together and at themselves. And I never put tomatoes on my burger. Ever.

My Hope for Grace

Grace Church is a gospel-centered community of passionate followers of Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to shepherd such a congregation. My hope is that Grace's ministry will make an impact throughout NE and our world. Bringing the light of Christ to this and future generations!