Previous Covid-19 Updates

June 9, 2020

Update 6/9/2020
Hi Grace Church family,

I’m excited to bring you this week’s update with some key dates to be aware of as well as ongoing opportunities to “be-the-church”:

Sunday June 21 – We will launch our new summer series “Walking Together”. This series will be focused on what it means to have our hearts, lives, homes and relationships shaped by gospel. This series will continue through the summer. What is unique about this series is that every Wednesday following that Sunday’s message we will encourage small groups to physically meet and walk together. We will have some discussion questions from the Sunday message and more information will be shared about times and places this will happen.

Sunday June 28 – We will gather for a 9am outdoor service which we will continue weather permitting through the summer. Logistical details will follow.

Ongoing worship opportunity - The 11am live streamed service will continue as we have in recent months. Please continue to invite friends and families to join these services to hear the gospel and enjoy God’s presence and worship with others.

As we are discerning next steps for our church family and we are thankful to God for stories we hear about how you are continuing to love others and use the gifts God has given you. We are aware of the diversity of people’s comfort with respect to meeting together. We fully respect and want to encourage each of you in the ministry God has given you.

With respect to the church building we will continue to keep this closed, except for church staff. We are also grateful to many who have offered their time to rebuild volunteer teams in welcome, video/ audio technology and building and grounds help. Email if you want to learn more.

God bless you and stay healthy,
Pastor Marc

June 1, 2020

Update 6/1/2020
Dear Grace Church family,

Thanks for listening in for this week’s update at Grace.

With respect to the building we have made progress with cleaning, and practical set up for regathering like demarcating entrances and exits, seating with social distancing, etc.

One of our key needs is rebuilding volunteer teams for welcome, technology and cleaning support. Look for an email from Pastor Chad or contact him if you’re available to help. You can email

We have also planned our summer series which will launch in July. The series will be called Walking Together. On Sunday’s I will speak about living out the gospel and on Wednesday’s we will call people to walk together and discuss what they are learning in their walk with God. It will be a great way to be in God’s Word, get outside and enjoy some community. More detail will follow.

God bless you and stay healthy,
Pastor Marc

May 25, 2020

May 25, 2020
Dear Grace Church family,
We want to give you another update in terms of our regathering. We have reviewed all the guidance given by the Governor’s office, and relevant authorities and we are forming and implementing a regathering plan.
This has two major areas:
The cleaning of the building. Cleaning and disinfecting of the entire building will be completed prior to opening and we are adopting enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols moving forward.
Establishing and implementing regathering protocols. These are to ensure as safe an environment as possible and meet or exceed state guidance. More details will follow but to give you an idea: we will regather with diminished capacity (things won’t look or feel the same), we will follow social distancing rules with 6ft distancing between families and wearing face coverings, and new signage, entry and exits to avoid bottlenecks of people, etc.
With all the preparation that is ongoing we will not gather for worship this Sunday on May 31, 2020 and we are not committing to a hard date this week. We are targeting one of the first two weeks of June. We are keeping some flexibility on date depending on whether there is any new information.
We understand that there is a range of responses from those who think we are moving to slow, and others wanting us to take our time. Our goal is not to try to please everybody. Our goal is to be a community that helps people know and follow Jesus. We want to create space for those who are comfortable with the protocols and want to regather, AND for those wanting to take time we will continue with high quality online worship and gathering opportunities so we can all be encouraged in our faith.
As a church family the past weeks have helped our appreciation and practice of “being the church” which is much greater than just coming to a building Sunday morning. So please:
Continue to pray for us.
Continue to partner in ministry. This includes ministry to each other, our community and faithfulness in giving.
Keep your eyes and ears open for volunteer opportunities.
God bless you and stay healthy,
Pastor Marc

May 18, 2020

Dear Grace Church family,
We were excited to hear Governor Baker’s announcement that houses of worship/ churches are included in Phase 1 of his MA reopening plan. We’re excited to be moving towards gathering in person again. We wanted to let you know how this will impact Grace as a church family:
We will not meet in person this week but continue with all online content as we have in recent weeks.
We want to ensure we open responsibly and consistently with the guidance given to us by the State of MA. You can see this guidance at .

Every Monday we will provide an update of what is changing at Grace. These will be communicated on our Facebook page and website.
When we gather at the church we will meet the safe practice guidelines we’ve become familiar with:

COVER – nose and mouth when we can’t maintain distance
WASH – hands and surfaces
KEEP DISTANCE – 6 feet apart whenever possible
BE VIGILANT – Look for Covid symptoms and stay home if unwell.
If you have any questions please email us at Please pray for us collectively to have wisdom and coordinate well to honor God and for the good of our community.
Bod bless you and stay healthy,
Pastor Marc