Barry Brits

Executive Pastor

My Story

I started my relationship with Jesus when I was 12 years old it is a joy and privilege to walk through life with him. I’m keenly aware of mistakes and mess-ups I make and I’m prone to want to do better. I’m so glad for gospel reminders that Jesus loves me period – not because of what I do or how I behave. He has taken the initiative in seeking me out. He took the initiative dying for me so consequences of my brokenness are forgiven. He takes the initiative welcoming me into each day with affirmation and purpose. I love following Jesus.

From the time I started following Jesus, being in groups has been fundamental to my Christian experience. I’m supported and encouraged as well as finding opportunities to grow in the gifts God has given me. This has continued for me through the 18 years I’ve been at Grace. Through tough times, being able to talk about challenges openly and honestly has been an important part of my journey to the other side. Good friends sticking with me, pointing to Jesus, and staying anchored in God’s Word has helped me to keep persevering and my faith to grow. I love that when we make choices to walk in the way of Jesus, we find the best life.

My Hope for Grace

My hope for Grace is that every person knows they are beloved by God, grow in the grace and knowledge of God, and are able to find their unique way to share God’s love with others. I’d love our church to be as well organized as possible and faithful stewards of all that God gives us. I hope everyone feels part of community that helps them know and follow Jesus, including helping others do the same.